Sunday, 19 August 2007

Hugest cat ever?

Mikey Boy Strevmansson of Sogn og Fjordane Fylke, Norway sent this in.

This one has been floating around the web for a couple of years now and part of me wants it to be real and part of me wants it to be fake.

Just for cat nerds, it's a Mancoon breed which can grow pretty big for a domesticated cat but this big... I doubt it. It's going in two categories for now, until proven either way!



June Cleaver said...

It's a real cat and an accurate picture of a large male Maine Coon. If I remember correctly, it's not even an adult but an older juvenile cat. There's an article on about him.

Having worked for a feline vet, and attended a few cat shows, it's not hard to believe he's real. Some of those Maine Coons are unbelievable, even seeing them in person.

Anonymous said...

Thanks June.